Special offer for the month of October

Now that the heat and laziness of summer has passed and we are getting back into our daily routine it might be a good time to finally getting around to replacing that missing tooth/teeth that you have been meaning to do for such a long time.

Maybe you are conscious about that space showing when you smile... or you are tired of having to choose your foods carefully and taking so long to eat a meal...The effects of tooth loss are both physical and emotional.

Gaps in your mouth can lead to a lack of confidence which affects everyday life. Dental Implants are the next best thing to natural teeth and can be used to replace a single lost tooth or many missing teeth. They last longer and provide greater structural support than either bridges or dentures.

  • Do you want to Banish Dentures for Good?
  • Do you want to have more confidence in your smile?
  • Do you want your mouth to feel like "you" again?

If you are considering dental implants why not book in to see us and have a detailed consultation and assessment to see if this could be the right option for you. We are currently offering 15% off the overall cost of the total implant treatment if treatment is started during October.

For more details give us a call or book via the website to make your appointment